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Your weekly organic veggie basket
SKU/EAN fruitier001
Price 14,24 € Exchange Rate

Your Organic Fruits Basket
SKU/EAN fruitier005
Price 14,24 € Exchange Rate

The most delicate seaweed butter ever...
SKU/EAN PObeurre01
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Where our great Alain Madec's oysters come from

Your pick- up point in Paris 7th


Our latest Pick-Up Point in Paris:. COUTUME is a specialty coffee roastery and café committed to sourcing, roasting and preparing high quality coffees in the pursuit of excellence.  We hand roast on-site, on demand, and are dedicated to increasing awareness about specialty coffee.
Come and collect your BlueBox from Monday to Friday 8am-20pm. (And free delivery on Friday !)


Is ze delivery free ?

We want to share ous success with you. From now on you can choose to be delivered on Friday. And delivery is FREE at your pick-up point and €7 (excluding tax) to your door. One more service from zebluebox !

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Wild Catch Sea Bass
SKU/EAN viviers001
Price 16,46 € Exchange Rate

Your Organic Fruits Basket
SKU/EAN fruitier009
Price 6,17 € Exchange Rate

Cheese for Lovers !
Price 23,91 € Exchange Rate


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